In today's real estate environment most mortgage brokers or private sellers do not consider an offer unless you are pre-qualified for financing. If you are curious to discover what you can afford, or are ready to start your search, contact Home Advantage Mortgage and one of our loan officers will help you begin the application process. Remember it is never too soon to be in contact with a mortgage professional.

Once you submit your mortgage application, a Home Advantage Mortgage loan officer researches your credit history and employment, savings, and investment information. Next he packages and ships your loan to an underwriting department at one of our reputable lenders. Sometimes the officer needs additional information during the process and contacts you with additional requests for information. This is standard procedure and not cause for alarm. When Home Advantage Mortgage receives approval for your loan, the loan officer contacts you.

When the loan is approved and cleared for closing, your lawyer establishes a convenient time for signing the closing documents to finalize the purchase or refinance of your home.

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